Apollo: The Live Experience
Client: Treatment Studio
Location: Touring Show. First Leg at The Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California
Henrique Ghersi: Video Design & Animation for Math’s Section 
(additional credits below)

I designed and animated the Math’s section of the show displayed on the ‘hangar’ back screen and circular stage floor.

Full Credits

Show Director: Scott Faris
Video Production: Treatment Studio
Executive Producer: Sam Pattinson
Producer: Lizzie Pocock
Creative Director: Damian Hale
Technical Director: David Shepherd
Technical Supervisor: Brandon Kraemer

Video Design & Animation:

Gareth Blayney
James Brocklebank
Henrique Ghersi
Jim Greenslade
Mark Hough
Rosalvo Melo
Laura Quinn
George Stone

Video Editing:

Warren Chapman
Brandon Kraemer
Sam Brickman

Video Programmer: Emily Malone
Research & Archivist: Matthew Sanger
Legal: Will Everitt for Lee & Thompson
Previsualisation & VR: Alex Eckford
Production Manager: Helen Campbell

Set & Costume Design: Leslie Traver
Lighting Design: Bruno Poet
Composer: James Seymour Brett
Sound Design: Bobby Aitken
Production: Nick Grace Management
Images from Show by Mark Hough