BALDO VERDÚ xR Performance
Extended Reality four song set performance by musician Baldo Verdú live streamed from Milk It Studio. A specially invited audience interacted with Baldo via group video conferencing and their video feed was incorporated into the virtual environment making them part of the performance. This project was partly funded by Arts Council England

Henrique Ghersi: Concept, Direction, & Lead Notch Designer
Location: milkit MR Studio London, U.K.

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Through a surrealist conceptual narrative the performance explores social shifts in humanity starting with Baldo performing ‘the last show on earth’ as we know it, navigating a brutalist world that defies logic and ending with him inhabiting an ethereal energy driven new world.

The xR performance includes virtual lights programmed from a lighting desk controlled along with the real lighting fixtures as well as augmented reality elements and a virtual set extension.

Full Credits:
Concept / Director / Designer:
Henrique Ghersi
Lighting Director:
Douglas Green
Shot at:
Milk It Studio
Notch Lead Designer:
Henrique Ghersi
Notch & Interactivity Integration:
Kira May O'Brien
Notch & 3D Design:
Mogens Skjold
3D Artist:
Matthew Schoen
Illustractions: Snootie Studios
Romain Piotrowski

Sound & Mixing Engineer: 
Disguise Programming:
Henrique Ghersi
Disguise Technician: Kyle Reseigh
BTS Pictures: Lucio Martus
Lighting Supply: GLP
Camera Supply: Shift-4