Concept & Creative Director / Art Direction
In Collaboration with Kamila Ćwiklińska

Location: London, U.K.
Dates: May 2016

‘Curtains’ is a photography project expanding on the themes and narrative explored on the multimedia performance piece ‘Punctura’ which I conceived, directed and performed in between 2015-16.  At first I was focused in making sure I gave myself enough space and footing between each one my roles during the production so as to not loose perspective of what I wanted to say with the overall piece. However, after two iterations of ‘Punctura’ I became very interested in the grey area and ambiguity that took place as I oscillated between the different roles: director & performer / author & subject. With ‘Curtains’ photographer Kamila Ćwiklińska and I embraced this ambiguity wholly and captured it showcasing the blurring of lines between reality and fiction, character and persona, as well as behind the scenes and performance.