'Cy-plot Memory'
Projection Mapped & Interactive Lighting Miniature Model Installation

Concept / Creative Direction : Henrique Ghersi, Dimitra Trousa, Jialu Chen, Yue Fu
Visuals Design / VFX Artist / Editor: Henrique Ghersi  &  Dimitra Trousa
DMX Interactive Lighting Design / Director of Photography / VFX Supervisor: Henrique Ghersi
Miniature Model Making:  Jialu Chen, Yue Fu

Dates: January 21st to 23rd 2015

'Cy-plot Memory' tell a visual narrative story that blends elements of traditional stories from China and Greece exploring the themes of generational stories and patterns . The elements were shot as green screen elements then composited in post production. The interactive LED lights were controlled via DMX. The installation was part of an exhibit that took place over the span of three days. The piece lasts approximately 3 minutes and loops itself continuously.