Pukkelpop Festival 2016: ‘HUMANO’
Client: Beam-Inc
Concept / Director / Content / Motion Capture / Green Screen Live Action Shoot / 2D & 3D Visual Effects / 3d Depth Point Cloud Visuals

Location: Hasselt, Belgium
Dates: 17th – 20th August 2016

‘HUMANO’ is a five minute visual narrative piece conceived exclusively for Pukkelpop Festival. I conceived and created the piece in collaboration with Ben Glover as part of our Mata Coco Collective.

The European Festival circuit had been shaken up by threats of terrorist attacks in the Summer of 2016. Nationalistic and right-wing movements around the world capitalize on fear and xenophobia. Against this backdrop of uncertainty and unrest, festival goers attend the festivals to find escapism and inspiration. With this in mind we created ‘HUMANO’. Our intent was to remind viewers just how much humanity has accomplished and how in the end we ‘all bleed the same color’. Finally, our hope was to allow viewers- even dare to in these trying times- to visualize a harmonious and prosperous future for mankind.  

The 4K visuals were projected onto two massive structures within the Festival grounds: the Castello Tent and an array of 12 shipping containers.  They were played throughout the whole duration of the 4 day festival. The content was a mixture of 2d/3d animation, motion capture and 3d depth cloud animated visuals. 

Behind the Scenes 

Concept, Direction & Content Design:
BTS Direction & Editing:
Architectural 3D Models: 
Filming Studio:
Henrique Ghersi & Ben Glover
Saloni Dahake
Kamila Ćwiklińska
Matteo Cruciani
Marta Szlachcianowska
Max Dodson Browne
Victor Garcia
Price Studios (London)
Augustine & Edvardian Hipsters - Still You (V edit)